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Modern Counselling: Private case-managed Treatment


...with qualified and experienced professionals

At Paul Gregory Associates Ltd , we are focused on providing effective services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a choice of highly skilled therapists to choose from, we're confident that your needs will be met with us. We hope to be able to offer an initial consultation and assessment with no waiting lists. Your initial appointment with one of our assessors will be prioritized in order that your treatment is not unnecessarily delayed. Fee structure, therapist preferences, appointment preferences and objectives can be discussed at assessment. These can be reviewed throughout your treatment. An onward referral service and "booster" or "check-in" counselling sessions are also available.

At Paul Gregory Associates Ltd, we have introduced a new and exciting approach to delivering our services. We believe that clients deserve the utmost dignity and respect at what could be a very difficult, and crucial, time in their lives. Therefore we aim for transparency within what could be a complex, possibly daunting, life-changing process. In so doing, we mean to co-create the confidence and hope necessary to help a client improve their own psychological well-being. 

Welcome. Tell us what we can do for you...or come and let us find out together!


Online Counselling available...


Online (usually via Zoom) and telephone support can be made available where work, travel or other pressures make face-to-face therapy difficult. Please enquire.

Why us?

Paul Gregory Associates Ltd offers a new and modern approach to services in Chichester. We aim to provide a client with a bespoke service that maximises the effectiveness of any psychotherapeutic treatment. We aim to increase the transparency around the therapeutic process, and to offer therapy with accountability. Fees on application. Receipted invoices available for all psychological interventions.

Paul Gregory Associates Ltd aspire to the ethical framework set out by the British Association for Counsellors & Psychotherapists ( BACP). 

We take your investment in your health seriously.

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