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Valuing the individual & the relationship...

Paul Gregory Associates Ltd offers couples counselling and family counselling where appropriate. Many couples and families seek help with their relationships. The benefits can be fantastic! Couples counselling and family counselling are not judgemental interventions. Couples counselling and family counselling at Paul Gregory Associates Ltd (Chichester) tends to focus on the "What", "When", "Who" and the "How" rather than the "Why" of a couple/family. 

That is, Who is feeling What exactly?  What exactly is that like? What needs too happen?  When did this begin to not be okay? When does this become a problem? How are we dealing with this currently? How would we prefer to deal with what's happening? 

Each couple or family is valued as unique and special. Each couple or family, and the individuals therein, are helped to see themselves as they are now, and helped toward becoming what they would hope to be. A couples or family counsellor will be offered at assessment and the case managed centrally. As always, cases are managed confidentially (as explained at assessment). Call Louise to book an assessment or for further info.

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Couples counselling & Family counselling

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Call or email Louise to arrange an assessment or for further information about couples counselling and family counselling.

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