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Residential: Local Authorities are invited to contact us regarding the placement of children with our care partners. 



    ADOPTION Support: We are approved providers of Adoption Support Funded (ASF)* child therapy & Therapeutic Parenting Sessions for Adoption South East & now Adoption South West too!



Call 07810885869 now for an accredited EMDR ASSESSMENT appointment with Paul Grixti

(adult & child psychotherapist) 



*With consideration to the 2010 amendments, Paul Gregory Associates Ltd would like to make known that it is neither a registered adoption support agency with Ofsted nor currently working under contract for services with or for an adoption support agency. Where adoption is not expected to be the primary focus of the intervention, we are able to provide interventions outlined through our qualified, registered and accredited service. Please contact us about the above if you have any questions about this notice.

Online counselling

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: 


Online counselling Chichester

Paul Gregory Associates Ltd

- Private counselling & psychotherapy for adult & child in the Chichester area

Hello, I'm Louise. Welco​me to Paul Gregory!

Counsellor Chichester

Discounted case-managed, fully insured* EMDR & CBT psychotherapies & counselling in Chichester & Exeter at

Paul Gregory Associates Ltd

*including for telephone/online and outdoor assessment and therapies as well as clinic-based interventions! (Ref. Oct 2021)

Hamblin Hall, Main Road (A259) Bosham, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 8PJ


The Practice Rooms, 15-16 Castle St, Exeter EX4 3PT

We're really proud to welcome you to a very special place for the sensitive treatment of the emotional ups and downs of life. 


We  now have beautiful practice rooms in Castle Street, Exeter!

Picture: J​ennifer Thompson

Online therapy Bosham

We are also located in beautiful Bosham, in the Chichester District of West Sussex

Picture: Ron Porter

Counselling Chichester
Counsellor Chichester
Counselling EMDR Chichester
Counselling EMDR Chichester

Paul Grixti

Clinical Lead

Counsellor Bosham Chichester
Counsellor Bosham Chichester

Paul Grixti BSc (Hons), MBACP (Accred & Regd), EMDR Europe (Accred for Adult AND Child/Adolescent) Humanistic Counselling (DipCouns), Brainspotting (Level II)

Doctorate in Psychotherapy 4th Year candidate (incomplete)

Here's a nice little video that describes what we do...


Animation to Explain EMDR to Adults

Counsellor Bosham Chichester

Free onsite parking at Bosham 

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A Warm Welcom​e

Paul Gregory Associates Ltd

are proud to offer Friendly, Private Time-Effective Treatments to fit your budget

Therapy for






Groups e.g. corporate, business, private

Paul Gregory Associates Ltd for

*Accredited by EMDR Europe for the specific treatment of Adult trauma. Qualified to Level IV

*Accredited by EMDR Association (UK) for the specific treatment of Child & Adolescent trauma. Qualified to Advanced Level (II)

R-TEP (EMDR protocol for Recent Traumatic Episodes)

G-TEP (EMDR Trauma protocol for groups e.g. families)

Other EMDR treatments e.g. OCD, Trichotillomania (hair-pulling), phobia, confidence, self-esteem, anxiety, depression.

Brainspotting (Qualified  to Level 2)

Welcoming self-referral & GP/Psychiatrist/agency referrals


Free onsite parking in  Bosham (not Exeter - sorry!)

Set in peaceful rural surroundings ideal for the sensitive treatment of mind, body and more.

Important Notice:

*There are currently very few EMDR accredited therapists in West Sussex or Devon, and even fewer EMDR accredited for treating children and adolescents specifically

EMDR practitioners seek accreditaton to demonstrate to clients and regulators their competency with this powerful technique. Training, experience, supervision from an EMDR Consultant, and EMDR/child specific specific Continual Professional Development (CPD) are all requirements for Accreditation. We hope this helps our private and Adoption Support funded clients to feel assured about the quality of our Child EMDR service.

Counsellor Bosham Chichester

We're based at Hamblin Hall, Bosham, Chichester. In 2021, we also took beautiful rooms in Castle Street, Exeter


For a discounted, privately-funded counselling or EMDR psychotherapy intervention with

Paul Gregory Associates Ltd (Chichester) call: 07881090078 ..accepting therapy referrals now.

Ask for a quote!

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